Company Introduction

WONDER WORLD, an event management company, has been an esteemed presence in the industry for over two decades, leaving a trail of success across Pakistan. Our journey began in Karachi, where we pioneered Family Entertainment Activities, and today, by the grace of GOD, we proudly extend our reach to international forums. Distinguished by our innovative approach, we stand out in the region, driven by our unique style of presentation and exceptional management and technical abilities.

At WONDER WORLD, we take pride in being a professional entertainment service provider that caters to the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual needs of children, youth, and families. Our versatility shines through contemporary dramatic work, skillfully created and performed to captivate hearts and minds alike. With a team of talented and dedicated artisans, we ensure our clients experience contentment and satisfaction beyond measure.

As a leading provider of entertainment solutions, WONDER WORLD offers a comprehensive range of services through our in-house expertise and trusted associates. Whether it’s conceptualizing events, efficient event management, captivating corporate mascots, innovative exhibition and stage designs, or tailored outsource services, we meet your needs competitively and passionately. Join us in the magical world of WONDER WORLD, where dreams turn into unforgettable realities.

Meet the Visionary Leaders of Wonder World

Mr. Sonny Martin Gill

Meet the visionary Managing Director (MD) and esteemed founder of WONDER WORLD, Sonny Martin. Currently serving as an accomplished Executive Member of RCCI (Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Sonny brings an invaluable wealth of experience to our premier event management company. With an unwavering passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, Sonny has led WONDER WORLD from its inception. His innovative leadership and commitment to excellence have propelled us to new heights in the industry. From Karachi to international destinations like the UK, Baku, Turkey, Norway, UAE, and Qatar, Sonny’s unparalleled dedication shapes the world of events, leaving a lasting impact on every occasion. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where Sonny’s indomitable spirit continues to shape the events landscape.

Mr.Fahed Pervez Gill

Meet Fahed Pervez Gill, the visionary CEO of WONDER WORLD, who spearheads both our digital and physical endeavors. Fahed’s transformative approach has introduced WONDER WORLD to the digital world, captivating audiences across the globe. His strategic genius optimized our digital marketing strategy, expanding our reach far beyond borders. Not just confined to the digital realm, Fahed’s innovative ideas have elevated our physical events, creating extraordinary experiences that leave lasting impressions. While Sonny takes the spotlight, Fahed’s relentless efforts remain the driving force behind our company’s success. Together with Sonny, Fahed’s modesty and unwavering determination forge the path to extraordinary achievements. Discover the dynamic duo that elevates WONDER WORLD to new frontiers in event management and digital creativity.