Besides, when you have the OpenVPN protocol available why would you want to connect to anything else. And to know that BTGuard VPN doesn’t even have a dedicated VPN app is frustrating. The OpenVPN app though sturdy does not have many advanced features.


Then, download BTGuard’s executable file or its ZIP file with the instructions on how OpenVPN can connect to its servers. Once done, you’ll need to connect to various servers manually and input your user credentials. Parallel Connections 1 Encryption Standards 64-bit AES; PPTP, OpenVPN. Speed Reduction 21%, on average.

BTGuard VPN also provides the regular encryption for all its users. As you can probably imagine, the proxy IP address feature is an immensely important feature for users who want to protect their privacy and identity from hackers and spying agencies. This allows them to provide more protection to their users. But this is the one you want to read because it will hit all aspects of this VPN service provider. I found that searching through their support center FAQs with keywords was difficult.

If you’re far away from their server, slow speed will be your destiny and if there any server/s overcrowded, performance will be affected. But with BTGuard, it’s not possible; how could one expect a three-location servers VPN to be Netflix-supported. The company advertises a strict no-logs policy, but their Privacy Policy states they collect your personal information. And then it fails to explain which personal information it collects. And then it mentions the purposes for which it collects your information but fails to identify what these purposes are. The wording is too vague and doesn’t instill trust since it fails to list everything it allows the company to do.

What BTGuard lacks in security is a greater list of options. BTGuard also lacks an automatic kill switch, which protects your data if your connection drops. Without it, your information could suddenly be exposed to others online. As BTGuard only offers three server locations, I expected it to be slower than most VPN services. However, its servers provided an average download speed of 26.8 Mbps – a minimal decrease of 37%. With unlimited speeds, it felt a little harsh to limit us to only three servers.

BTGuard Free Trial

However, pricing also depends on whether you buy btguard review 2020’s base proxy or “upgraded” VPN service. Again, BTGuard’s primary focus is securing torrenting and P2P connections. While it definitely secures connections better than most proxies, the lack of extra security features makes it far less robust than most VPNs. It’s worth noting that the speeds I saw while using BTGuard were inadequate for downloading files at anything other than a snail’s pace. However, personal experiences may vary depending on your location and your VPN setup.

  • Unfortunately, BTGuard doesn’t offer this kind of service.
  • Once a connection has been established, the icon goes green to let you know that everything is working as it should be.
  • It is a worthy choice that will allow you to stream and torrent without any performance issues.
  • People complain about tech support yet if you know what you’re doing you’ll likely never need it.

What’s more, they have no alternative for OpenVPN because PPTP is also no longer recommended. And to put a nail in its coffin, this VPN comes without a kill switch. If a VPN cannot protect your personal IP address and exposing your true location before your ISP; then that provider doesn’t deserve to be in the list of VPNs. For our VPN experts, DNS and WebRTC leaks are the kiss of death for VPNs. Our experts always conduct a hands-on test to experience the real feel of the features and the services a VPN offers. BTGuard is the last one; support and appreciate the netizens to torrent anything anytime but only on three servers that BTGuard owns.

Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

Stuart is a guest writer and blogger that discovered cryptocurrencies in 2014 and has been hooked ever since. He is also passionate about the issues currently facing individuals who are seeking to protect their privacy in more and more data invasive world. The service falls under Canadian jurisdiction which means it is subject to the five eyes alliance. On the surface, BTGuard sounds good, but that may be decieving. We’ve decided to go under the hood and find out what it’s really about. Check/uncheck all the options within the red box the way they are.

You have to manually configure everything and/or rely on a third-party app. Finally, the price seems to be way too high for what BTGuard has in store for you. Even the discounts are not that generous, compared to other similar VPN services. If you’re not a fan of using a third-party app like OpenVPN to be able to enjoy BTGuard, you can simply configure it directly on your computer by using the PPTP protocol. On our seemingly neverending journey to expand our database so that it becomes the most comprehensive source of VPN services , we’ve stumbled upon BTGuard. Tell us about your experience using a Btguard VPN service in the comments.

Even if it did, you wouldn’t be able to watch the US, the UK, or Japanese libraries. Also, it’s highly unlikely that the speeds would be enough for streaming in HD unless you live nearby one off the three server locations. Instead, it uses OpenVPN software which can be configured to include all three server locations. Alternatively, a connection using an outdated PPTP protocol can be set up on your device’s OS without extra software.


If you want to choose the server location yourself, you can do it during setup, by entering the host name for the country of your choice, specified in the setup instructions. Other than that, you can only make or break the VPN connection. No, BTGuard doesn’t offer the quality that the price demands.

The official website also has very little information on BTGuard VPN features.

By contrast, most VPN providers offer several simultaneous connections and security features like an internet kill switch, double hopping, and ad blocking. BTGuard doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, paired with the lack of a free trial. Take a look at all the VPN deals available today from leading providers.


It shares the said information with a group of other countries. BTGuard torrent service should definitely be appealing to netizens. Because the VPN doesn’t even have a US server, so anything you try goes in vain. Companies can’t ask us to delete or change user reviews. I also hate that it doesn’t have a money-back guarantee since most top VPNs have one — for example, ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If we find it is truthful, we will post it within 48 hours.

SecurityIf BTGuard VPN is a zero-log policy VPN service provider then it shouldn’t matter if the user gives it permission to share data or not. You also won’t receive a refund of any kind if you’re unsatisfied with the product. If you’re looking to try out a VPN without a financial commitment, then there are a few options. While free VPNs, in general, may resort to logging data or selling user information to stay afloat, there are indeed safe and reliable VPNs that you can use for free. BTGuard doesn’t have much in the way of quality customer support.

BTGuard is a really bad VPN service, and I strongly recommend that you avoid purchasing it.There are significantly better VPNs out there in 2023 like ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access. There is no money-back guarantee, refund, or free trial is problematic. The VPN does not have its native app, but you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Does BTGuard VPN Work in China? No

The network is limited to Canada, Netherlands and Singapore so pick the nearest server to your location, P2P downloads should then be at least reliable and secure. If you want my advice, save your money and look for another provider. This service was a let-down, and I would recommend just about any other service instead of it. For instance, check out PIA VPN, which allows up to five simultaneous connections and costs as little as $3.33 per month. Lastly, I would also point you in the direction of some of the industry’s other top providers, including ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, TorGuard VPN, IPVanish VPN and NordVPN.